Federal workers miss first paycheck as government shutdown continues

The government shutdown has hit week three, a record. And it's effects are starting to show. 

"These are situations that none of us should be in. We come to work everyday. We do a good job. We believe in what we do. We should be able to get paid," said Jennifer Dziendziel TSA Agent

Tensions are beginning to compound as workers go without work, or without pay as some employees, like the TSA missed their first paycheck since the shutdown began. 

If it's not money that's getting missed, it's information.

"We aren't forecasting ice data anymore," said Dave Fanslow, a biologist at NOAA.

As President Trump digs in on his promise to acquire funding for his border wall, Democrats appear no closer to submitting as well. The two entrenched parties are reaching a fever pitch, with the president threatening to declare a national emergency if he funding doesn't come through.

"The easy solution is is for me to call a national emergency. I could do that very quickly. I have the absolute right to do it," said Trump.

Several employees met with Senator Debbie Dingell today.

"The people that are around this table are not Republicans and they're not Democrats, they're public servants," said the congresswoman.

Michigan has 5,200 federal workers who didn't get paid this week.