Feds accuse doctor of running narcotics operation

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Sue Bzeih works across the hall from Dr. Tete Oniang’o – the man federal prosecutors say was running a huge prescription narcotics operation out of his office in Dearborn – writing prescriptions for 1.4 million pills since 2014. Those pills have an estimated street value of nearly $6 million.

“The FBI came and raided the office about two weeks ago," she said.

“He was prescribing large amounts of narcotic pills – controlled substances – knowing they were going to end up on the street,” said Chief Ron Haddad, Dearborn Police Department.

The doctor had no medical equipment in his office, but the criminal complaint alleges he saw dozens of patients each day from several states – simply writing prescriptions for Vicodin, Norco, Xanax, and others in exchange for patients paying $100 to $150. However, that’s not what he’s told the other tenants in the office building. He’s blaming patients. On a note posted outside his office:

“I am only human and cannot monitor each patient outside my office with any illegal activities that may harm themselves and others.”

“He had patients over here and they were taking scripts and then just going and selling it,” said Bzeih.

Dr. Oniang’o only saw patients at the Dearborn office on Tuesdays and on this Tuesday he wasn’t there. An angry patient in needs of her medication broke the door trying to get in.

“I mean, I was going to call the cops,” said Bzeih. “Because this lady – she was just smashing the door.”

“Unfortunately he’s not here. He’s not showing up anymore.”

“After that he disappeared because we saw him taking boxes from inside out, moving stuff very fast.”

Dr. Oniang’o did not return our calls. As a condition of his bond, he cannot travel and can no longer write prescriptions. According to the note on his door, he’s only seeing medical marijuana patients now, by appointment.

“When you look at the crisis that America is facing now, one guy like this in our midst just really makes a bad situation worse,” said Chief Haddad.

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