Fender-bender leads to road rage shooting wounding 2 on I-96: Michigan State Police

A sadly familiar sight  - a freeway was closed Tuesday as Michigan State Police troopers combed for evidence after yet another suspected road rage shooting.

Two people were shot - a female driver and her male passenger on I-96 at about 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. They are expected to recover.

"A vehicle of unknown description followed them from topside or the surface streets onto the freeway and fired multiple shots at the vehicle and continued on while the victim pulled over to the side of the road," Shaw said.

On the shoulder of eastbound I-96 near Grand Blvd. they found a Chevy with airbags deployed and front end damage.

Shaw says they were shot while trying to speed away from an angry suspect. They were taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment. police telling us they are expected to survive.

"Usually you wouldn’t get a gunfire incident out of a minor fender-bender crash but we are seeing it now, and we need to get the community to say that’s enough - until they do - we will be cleaning up afterward," said Lt. Mike Shaw.
The victim's car with obvious damage from the crash, police say upon further investigation they learned the suspect and victim got into an accident near a gas station close to 96. the suspect got angry and chased the victim onto the freeway,  likely leading up to the shooting.

Eastbound I-96 was closed for hours, including the rush hour portion of the day, but has since reopened. Meanwhile, anyone with information on who the shooter may be is urged to call the police.

The victims were shot inside this car on I-96 near Scotten.

The victims were shot inside this car on I-96 near Scotten.

"If you saw anything, call us and you don’t have to give your name," Shaw said. "A lot of witnesses simply aren’t coming forward in these cases."