Ferndale Police hold gun buyback program in efforts to clean up Ferndale.

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Only Ferndale residents or non-residents that have a child attending Ferndale Public Schools and reside in Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, or Royal Oak Township are eligible to participate in the gun buyback program.

The event took place from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm on Saturday.  Only participants who brought government issued identification were eligible to participate.

The focus of the program mirrors the city's efforts to remove unwanted or expired prescription drugs from homes: the prevention of accidental use or misuse as well as the limiting of access to those visitors and family members who might have intentions of appropriating them for their own use.

Each working gun brought in is worth $75.00 and non-working guns are worth $50.00 with a limit of four guns per family. 

After you turn the gun in payment will be made by check within ten to fourteen business days of the date of turn in. All firearms collected will be checked for lost or stolen status, and if applicable, will be returned to their legal owners. 

All other firearms will be prepared for destruction. The guns must be transported to the event site in cases, unloaded (no ammunition), in the trunk of a vehicle or as far from the driver as possible if no trunk, (in compliance with state law) and in a safe condition at all times. 

While at the event the guns must be kept in a case or other type of container (duffle bag, paper bag, etc) at all times.

Ownership of the firearm will not have to be established at the time of the event but should ownership be questioned; payment may be delayed or denied based on additional scrutiny. In all cases, payment for a firearm will be made at the sole discretion of the Chief of Police.