Finances before marriage, a norm for millennials

It's one of the most important and memorable moments in your life. But financial experts are noticing something; millennials are waiting longer than previous generations - but why? 

It must be the money. Not the cost of a wedding, but rather their own financial situations. 

"Money is also a factor because college students are broke. We don't have no money. We don't have no money," said a millennial. 

Broke and focused on something else. Millennials are those born in the 1980's to the mid-1990's to early 2000's. 

Most of them we talked with say marriage and starting a family, while important, can wait until they sort through the dollars and cents of it all. 

Financial advisor Chris MacKenzie with Telemus in Southfield says he's seen a difference in how long millennials wait to tie the knot. They're thinking about money in a big way. 

"They grew up during the recession, so on top of that they are getting their finances in order. So a lot of them are saving for retirement at an early age and that's what we recommend," MacKenzie said. 

MacKenzie say millennials are saving more than many in previous generations. Student loan and credit card debt weighing heavy on their wallets and minds. 

"I would say your 20's are meant to go explore and definitely experiment here and there and then really go  find that person that you want to share those things with," said David Adamus, a millennial who is waiting. 

So one might ask, what are three things millennials can do to make sure they're getting into a marriage safely?

"Number one is first create a plan," MacKenzie said. "So if you have an outstanding student debt, make sure to pay off the highest interest rate first. Second, is to make sure your company offers a 401(k) plan and you can definitely start contributing early. And third, create a budget. Some millennials don't know what they spend on a weekly basis and a monthly basis. So make sure you know what you're spending and move on from there."

And to do that, you need a career. Something many are putting before marriage. 

"I think most of us are more focused on finding a job and career before we think about that," said a millennial.