Fire at Marquette Building, future home to Adient's downtown headquarters

An investigation is underway after a fire at a well-known building downtown. 

The fire lasted for about an hour after it started at the Marquette Building, which is under construction to house the new headquarters for Adient, the largest automotive seat supplier. 

The fire appears to have started in an outdoor elevator shaft near the roof, but authorities aren't sure how it started. 

The location of the fire made it difficult for crews to get to the flames. They had to climb stairs to get access to the fire, then had to use hoses and a bucket truck to get it out. They also had to deal with falling rocks and bricks coming off the building. 

Fire investigators will be on scene to figure out how the fire started. 

We're told one firefighter twisted his knee in the efforts, but is expected to be okay. 

The Marquette Building is downtown across the street from Cobo Center, at the corner of W Congress Street and Washington Boulevard.