Authorities investigate apartment fire in Mount Clemens after 8 people sent to the hospital

The River North Village Apartments in Mount Clemens looked like an inferno after a fire that happened late Saturday night. 

Captain Nick Candela of the Mount Clemens fire department said, "The fire was out of control; there were people were screaming, lots of stuff going on. " 

Some people had to jump out of their windows to save their lives. 

Torrace Lewis says his mom was one of those people, and she jumped from three stories. 

"Three stories you do the math on that - she jumped out. I truly believe that it was like angels there, angels that helped her because that could've went so wrong, " Lewis says. 

Firefighters were back on the scene Sunday trying to put out hot spots, according to authorities, and they say they dealt with challenges on Saturday as well. 

One of those challenges was that the closest fire hydrant was frozen shut due to the cold weather. 

The Red Cross is providing temporary housing for the victims. 

Authorities say they are working to figure out the fire's cause and why it spread so quickly.