Firefighters battle blaze in historic 1915 home in Detroit's Arden Park

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A raging house fire breaks out in the historic Arden Park neighborhood Friday.

A fire started in the back of the home on the first floor then quickly moved up the house into the attic. Thankfully no one was inside when it began.

"She called me at about 4:30 and told me the house was on fire," said Shirley Joyner, the homeowner. "And that is all I know."

FOX 2: "Your heart must have sunk"

"Sank? Yes."

Shirley Joyner could only watch and worry as firefighters beat back flames that ripped through her home in Detroit's Arden Park neighborhood.

She and her family have lived at 505 E. Boston for 20 years. The historic home that weathered riots, recessions and urban decline stood up as much as it could to fast moving flames Friday afternoon.

The attic and second floor are heavily damaged. Joyner's belongings and family heirlooms were fuel for the fire.

"My mom's dead, my dad's dead, I have a brother and sister that are dead," she said. "Their death certificates are in there, different cards from their funerals. All kinds of things are in there. 

"My kids when they were growing up, their little trophies and stuff when they were on the little league teams all of that, all of it."

Architect Louis Kamper designed the Italian Renaissance home for Frank Melin. It was built in 1915.

Joyner says her family is the third to call it home.

"God has blessed me with life so I'm here," Joyner said. "I will lean on him to guide me with where I have to go. And thank God I had my insurance paid up."

The family is hoping the home can be restored, no word yet on what started the fire.