Fireworks on toilet seat prank injures 2 Detroit city workers

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Firework season is supposedly over but not for a couple of Detroit city workers.

They decided to use their leftover firecrackers to play a prank - in the bathroom. And it was a prank, that went terribly wrong.
 Two things that don’t mix - firecrackers and toilets - resulting in two people injured.
"You should have a nice open environment this should not be in an enclosed area," said Dr. Julian Suszanski, Henry Ford Hospital ER.
Some Detroit city workers didn’t follow doctor’s orders as school kid shenanigans got serious Wednesday morning at one of the Detroit Fire Department's repair shops near Eastern Market. 
Two General Service Department employees - went to use the toilet - and had firecrackers explode beneath them, put there by so-called “pranksters.” 
One had injuries to his scrotum and leg and had to get checked out at the hospital. The other was injured as well. 
"When you talk about a sensitive area plus a burn injury it sounds awful," said Suszanski.
Dr. Julian Suszanski has seen just how bad firework injuries can be, especially in those delicate areas.

"I guarantee you don’t want that to happen to yourself or any of your loved ones for matter," Suszanski said.
Both the Detroit Fire and the firefighter’s union tells FOX 2 that no firefighters or EMS personnel were involved in any capacity.
A spokesperson for the city says the injured workers are back on the job.
"People think that the small roman candles or the small bottle rockets are harmless and it’s not the case they still have a good amount of heat that comes out of them," the doctor said.
Suszanski said he sees lots of burns this time of year. He says get checked out if you have burns on the face, hands and feet.

The case is now handed over to Detroit Police it’s being handled by internal affairs. All they could tell us was that it’s being investigated.