Fireworks sales take off in Michigan amid coronavirus closures

While most cities have canceled annual summer fireworks displays due to COVID-19, business is booming fireworks stands in Michigan

Independence Day is on a Saturday this year and would normally lead to spectacular shows throughout the area that weekend. But when coronavirus hit, cities across the state have canceled their plans for the year.

Reed Miller, owner of Pro Fireworks knew that when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Stay Home, Stay Safe order was issued that his business would....explode.

"We all feel very blessed to be able to do the business we've been doing this year," Miller said. "This is absolutely the best year we've experienced at Pro Firework,. by far. We saw it coming and were prepared. We unload trucks almost every day at pro fireworks."

Miller says he's noticing more and more first-time buyers and now that many shows are unfortunately being canceled, people are still looking for ways to celebrate.

"People have been trapped in their homes for months and they're dying to get out and enjoy the outdoors and enjoy their families," Miller said. 

While the new business is coming in, Miller still needs his regulars like James Farr from Inkster.

"I look for a big box, one wick, for a big boom. It just keeps it simpler, safer, better," he said.

If you're planning to celebrate with fireworks this year you can only set them off Monday, June 29 through Saturday, July 4 through 11:45 p.m. 

"People have to work during the day and during the week. So try to be courteous to your neighbors and whatnot," Farr said.

Miller asks you to also be mindful of veterans and pets who may live nearby. 

"Safety is the key and knowing the rules and playing fair and playing nice - and everybody be safe and enjoy your holidays," Miller said.