First person charged in Macomb Co scandal not pleading guilty

Dean Reynolds was the first person charged in the Macomb County corruption investigation - and now he's one of the last standing tough refusing to plead guilty.

But his odds of cutting a deal are growing slim as more people agree to testify for the federal prosecutors.

It has been more than a year since then-Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds was indicted on eight counts of bribery but unlike almost all of the 19 people charged so far, Reynolds shows no sign of wrapping things up soon. 

Reynolds returned to the federal courthouse in Port Huron Wednesday to set a trial date. He has pleaded not guilty to allegations he took more than $50,000 in bribes to help Rizzo Environmental Services get municipal garbage hauling contracts. The feds say Reynolds was also caught on camera taking another $17,000 in bribes from Chuck Rizzo and towing titan Gaspar Fiore. 

Cameras aren't allowed in federal court so FOX 2 can't show you the judge asking if there was a chance of a plea deal. Reynolds' attorney replied "it doesn't look like that's on the horizon." 

He later declined to elaborate, saying no comment. 

The feds have not offered Reynolds a deal. So far it looks like he doesn't want one. that means this case very well could go to trial this summer.