"First time I ever shot a gun," wife returns fire at suspects after husband shot during robbery

A woman was face-to-face with two men trying to rob her house around 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Before the violent encounter would end, someone would end up wounded.

The woman, who declined to be named for the story is a medical caregiver with her husband. Together, the two dispense marijuana out of their home on Lappin and Algonac Street on the city's east side.

"My husband thought it was one of his patients and opened the door," she said, "and the guy had a gun and made him and my brother get down on the floor."

It's unclear what the two men were after when they approached the door. The woman said there was no marijuana in the home at the time. 

What is clear is after the suspects ordered her husband to the ground, he told her he had been injured.

"He was saying 'baby, I'm shot, I'm shot, they shot me'" she said.

In the chaos of the incident, one of the suspects dropped the gun. She picked it up and shot at them. 

"First time in my life I ever shot a gun," said the woman. "My heart is still racing. I'm hoping I didn't kill this boy. I'm praying for his family as well."

At that point, she said she dropped the gun when she was outside the house. The two grabbed it, ran to a car and took off. Her husband, who was shot in the stomach is expected to recover. 

While the woman was questioned by police, she wasn't arrested. The two suspects are still missing and police are reviewing home security footage from the victim's home.

"It's just a matter of time. The good news is we got a significant amount of information from our community who has a willingness to get involved and report violence when it happens. But we also understand that there are many who fear retaliation," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.