Five men suspected in Greektown beating due in court Thursday

Five of the suspects alleged to be involved in an assault that was videotaped in Greektown are due in court Thursday.

Six people have been arrested following the brutal assault, which seriously injured at least one person. Five of the suspects will be in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing, in which the judge decides if there's enough evidence for the men to be tried for the crime.

The five suspects who will be in court Thursday are Stanley Faulk, Keith Harvey, Eddie Curry, Terrell Carter and Rachaan Yharbrough. You can watch a livestream of the hearing on FOX 2's Facebook page here. It's scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

The beating happened on Easter Sunday in Greektown. Someone recorded video of the brutal beatdown and posted it to social media, where it quickly went viral.

One man was seriously injured in the beating. Brandon Putnam was out celebrating his 23rd birthday when it happened. He suffered a broken eye socket and some bleeding to the head. He's since been released from the hospital.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says they've identified the suspects because their cars were parked in the garage, and police were able to obtain photos of their cars and their license plates.

Detroit police to Greektown beating suspects: We know who you are

Putnam and his cousins were jumped in the street while onlookers stood back, some laughing and others capturing the violence on their cell phones.

All five suspects have been charged with Unarmed Robbery; Assault with Intent to Murder; Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm; and Felonious Assault. Harvey has also been charged with one count of Possession of Cocaine.

One other man has also been charged in connection with the beating, Tyrone Larkins was arraigned yesterday on the same charges. He and Yharbrough were given a $5 million bond. It's not known yet when Larkins is due in court.

Two Greektown brawl suspects given $5 million bond in arraignment

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