Flags placed on gravestones of Veterans at Oakview Cemetery

A simple, but meaningful gesture on this Memorial Day weekend at Oakview Cemetery in Royal Oak. 

“We were just walking around looking for graves that had veterans on them and we planted the flag in the left corner,” said Hunter Kuznia. 

Hunter, 8 , and his dad Nick spend their free time, along with other volunteers, putting small American flags at veteran’s gravesites. 

For Nick, an Air Force Veteran, this is personal. 

“We started this a couple years ago and I try to explain to him why this is so important to me,” Nick said. “I got too many friends that didn’t come home.”

Now, Nick is teaching his little boy so much. 

“Veterans have served us for many years,” said Hunter 

“This is important to me to show my kids and other people around that this means a lot,” Nick said. 

Nick also wants people to know that Memorial Day is not a happy occasion. 

“There is almost an entire generation right now that don’t have any inclination on what a lot of people went through,” he said.