Flint airport officer who was stabbed in good spirits, chief says

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Amor Ftouhi was in court just long enough to agree to stay behind bars indefinitely.

In the meantime, the police lieutenant he slashed is healing and looking forward to returning to work.

"I spoke to him last night," said Chief Christopher Miller. "I went to his home and visited him and took some food over there. We laughed and talked and jokes. He is in good spirits. He told me, 'Chief, I'm good.'"

Miller, the Bishop International Airport Director of Public Safety, says his friend and colleague Jeff Neville is beat up, but upbeat.

The lieutenant who was slashed in the neck two weeks ago is even taking the high road.

"'He said 'Chief, I don't even hate the guy,'" Miller said. "He says, 'This wasn't an attack on Jeff Neville personally, but an attack on America. The justice system will take care of him and do what they need to do.'"

The justice system is just getting cranked up. Cameras are not allowed in the U.S. District Court so FOX 2 can't show you how Ftouhi entered court in a orange jumpsuit, arms chained to his side and a surgical mask over his mouth.

"Unspecified health reasons is what I was told," said David Ashenfelter, U.S. District Court spokesman.

His detention hearing did not take long. Rather than ask for bond, he agreed to stay behind bars as the case works its way through the courts.

Ashenfelter said the alleged terrorist did not have a good chance of going free anyway.

"He is a Canadian citizen," he said. "That would raise the issue of flight risk, plus if there is probable cause that he did do the knife attack. That is a violent attack it would be very difficult to get bond."