Flint police: December city hall burglary an 'inside job'

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The new chief of police in Flint is dealing with a lot of issues but on Wednesday, he said that a December burglary at city hall was carried out by someone inside the office and says it's connected to the Flint water crisis.

According to the police report, city workers noticed a broken window on the east side of the building. When police investigated, they said they only found a few things missing: some documents and one TV - but the power cord was left behind.

Surveillance video from outside Flint city hall captured the image of a man who police believe broke into one of the executive offices inside city hall on December 28th. Evidence pictures inside showed the ransacked office where important Flint water files were stored. According to sources, that office was once used by retired Detroit Public Works Director Howard Croft 

Flint police chief Tim Johnson told a Flint paper the timing is suspect because it was before a criminal investigation was launched in February. Chief Johnson believes it was somebody that had knowledge of those documents and wants to keep them out of the right hands of someone who was going to tell the real story of what's going on with Flint's water.

The police report says evidence techs processed the scene for fingerprints but were unable to lift any. Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says no warrants have been requested in the case and at this point no one can say what was taken.

The break in remains under investigation.