Flood warning continues as River Raisin rises

As the River Raisin continues to rise, so does the concern tonight.

Residents are being urged to take precaution, doing whatever they can to protect their property.

The water is not only flowing fast, it is getting higher. A staircase leading to a river walk is covered with water as the flood warning continues.

The river tends to rise every year, but usually it happens in March - making conditions very unusual this time of year.

A flooded river has cut the town of Dundee in two, split at the bridge at M-50. But dealing with floods there are a way of life.

"Everybody sticks together, small towns are great," said Tramayne Fouts. "I put an ad on Facebook, I need help laying sandbags and so many people came."

Fouts has a pet grooming business near the river, she's been through this before and prepared accordingly. 

"I am proactive, I've got pumps just in case it does make it in," she said. 

She closed her business the Fur Factory early. 

In Monroe the swollen Raisin River can be seen on Elm Street.  

"When I went into work today at 9 a.m. there was a little bit over the road," said Jenny Russeau, who lives in Monroe. "Nothing bad. When I came home for lunch it was worse."

By 5:30 p.m. police were called in to close off the road - which kind of worked.

"I saw this one car had it's window rolled down and the water came into the side of his car," Russeau said. 

Some residents watched anxiously as water crept up side streets. 

There have been no reports of injuries. Police advise that everyone stay out of the water including avoiding high water on the roads.