Florida deputy rescues injured bobcat without becoming lunch

Deputy Lopez poses with an injured bobcat he rescued. (Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office)

It wasn't your usual cat rescue for a Florida county deputy. Instead, it was a bobcat. 

The Lee County Sheriff's Office said Deputy Lopez spotted an injured bobcat on the morning of January 7.

"He was able to get this STUNNING fur baby to safety and transport him to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital where he reportedly will make a full recovery!" the department posted on its Facebook page along with a picture. 

"It’s amazing what our deputies come across while out keeping our great residents safe… all in a day's work," they added. 

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People commented on the social media post, asking how the deputy managed to help a bobcat without becoming its prey.

"Due to the bobcat’s injuries, the animal was docile and surrendered to the help the deputy was providing," the Lee County Sheriff’s Office told McClatchy News.

According to the outlet, it's believed it was struck by a vehicle. 

The bobcat was transferred to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) in Lee County, according to the news outlet. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.