Florida man pops open beer during police encounter because it was 'cold' and he wanted to drink it: See video

Many believe it's a crime to let a beer warm up, and one Florida man wasn't taking any chances, even as police surrounded him with guns drawn during an investigation into gunfire, body camera video showed.

Brett McPeek, 32, found himself behind bars on multiple charges after he allegedly began firing shots near Port Orange police officers following a fight he had with a neighbor. Before his arrest, though, he shared his desire to crack open a beer.

According to the Port Orange Police Department, on Tuesday night, officers responded to a neighborhood after McPeek and his neighbor got into a disturbance and one threatened the other neighbor with a gun.


Brett McPeek (Photo via Volusia County jail)

While officers were collecting information about what happened from the neighbor, McPeek exited his home and fired multiple shots in the area of the officers, the victim and other neighbors who were outside at the time. The shots could be heard on an officer's body camera video.

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Officers were then seen moving in where they heard shots fired and found McPeek outside his home. 

"Stay right there," a police officer could be heard telling McPeek, with guns drawn.  "I'm cracking this beer, OK? I'm not going to bother you," McPeek responds. "This beer is cold sir and I want to drink it."

McPeek did not have the gun on him at the time of arrest, but officers found two handguns – one being a .38 Special revolver with a spent shell casing – after executing a search warrant for the property.

He was arrested and booked into the Volusia County jail on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. He was later released after posting bail, jail records show.