Florida mom defends OnlyFans ad on car after complaint from parents at Christian school

A Central Florida mom said she's been forced to drop her kids off across the street from their Christian school after concerns were raised about decals on her and her husband's vehicles advertising her side hustle.

Parents at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares said Michelle Cline's decals advertising her OnlyFans account are inappropriate for children. OnlyFans is a website that allows customers to pay for access to "exclusive" content they won’t find on other social media platforms and is well-known for its sexual content.

Cline said her OnlyFans link does not include explicit content and is a source of income for her family. She wants to keep the decal on her car to bring in more customers.

"Right now, the kids are getting singled out," she told FOX 35 News. "I feel singled out."

Cline said she has had an OnlyFans decal on her car for two years and only recently has it been the center of attention.

"I find it hard to believe that there is that many parents and there are that many kids that are paying attention to my vehicle every morning," Cline said.


However, she said at least one parent at the school reached out to her on social media to express concerns about the ad.  The message read, "... It appears from the outside that our children are of no concern to you, and neither are any rules." 

The school eventually stepped in, emailing Cline and asking her to remove the decal or not come on campus.


"I am requesting that you respect our request to keep the advertisement off campus," the email read. "If you'd like to bring your vehicles on campus, please cover up the decals. If you'd like to park off campus, you are welcome to do so."


Cline explained how she now parks down the street and across a busy road to drop her kids off at school. If she can't drop them off at the school's main entrance, she's asking the school to provide accommodation to get her children safely to campus.

"I'm not expecting to win the fight of being on campus, and I'm not really asking for that," Cline explained. "I mainly just want something done as far as safety measures for them to cross the road." 

FOX 35 reached out to Liberty Christian Prepatory School for comment on the situation, but did not receive a response. A FOX 35 reporter attempted to talk with the school's headmaster, however, he told us "no comment" when approached.

"It's just so funny to me that it's the second school year now in a row that we've been doing this, and we've had it on our cars," Cline said.

Fox News Digital contributed to this report.