Floyd County student dies playing game called 'jump the car'

Authorities are warning parents about a deadly game that has now claimed the life of a Floyd County high school athlete. It was supposed to be a game called "jump the car," but when Kobe Thomas stepped in front of a vehicle Friday night, he ended up losing his life.

The people who knew Thomas remembered him as talented athlete who always had a smile for everyone.

“He was probably a coach's dream, a teacher's dream,” said Model High School Basketball Coach Jacob Travis.

Coach Travis taught Thomas U.S. History, and coaches the basketball team Kobe would have played for this school year.

“He was beyond expectations, above expectations, so he was a special kid,” said Travis.

Kobe's life was cut short after a tragic accident late Friday evening. He was apparently playing a game with friends; a game where the goal is to jump out of a car's way just before it strikes. Only the basketball star didn't make the jump in time Friday.

“We haven't been given a lot of details. Just focusing on Kobe and his family,” said Assistant Superintendent Floyd County Schools Tim Hensley.

Thomas started at Model as a junior this year and because he attended the Career Academy, friends from all four Floyd County high schools.

“Right now, it's time to focus on memories of Kobe and trying to help the students and staff through this difficult time,” said Hensley.

Memories of what Coach Travis described as Kobe's infectious smile, fun-loving, and outgoing personality.

“His desk is empty in class and some of the guys dress out in weights next to him and he's not there. He's not there to dance in the mirror in the weight room. He's not there to cut up,” said Travis.

The Floyd County District Attorney said she could not comment on the investigation as it is ongoing.