Food stamp access cut off for 1.3 million in Michigan

Wednesday morning brought a sudden halt for all of Michigan's Electronic Benefits Transfer recipients for a little more than an hour after a problem with a vendor.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says a vendor based in New Jersey had a hardware problem that took its entire EBT system down from 10:50 Wednesday morning until just before 1 pm. 

For the 1.3 million Michigan residents who rely on EBT cards for meals, they were left hungry Wednesday afternoon.

"They rely on that. And at the end of the season you spent all your money. Your money was probably gone before Christmas now here in the new year you can't make a purchase? There is something wrong with the system," one woman, who asked to remain nameless, said.

For a couple hours social media lit up with similar complaints from people not only in Michigan, but other states like New York and Pennsylvania as well. 

The problem was all linked to that New Jersey vendor. 

The cards are now up and running, and were told the vendor is working on a permanent solution so this doesn't happen again.