Ford Field neighbors have no problems with lights, despite petition

Some see the lights emanating from Ford Field as a source of pride that the city is important again. But other say it's a blinding nuisance are have filed a petition to get Ford Field to turn off the lights.

A petition to remove the six-month old rooftop LED display has gathered more that 1,000 signatures online, asking the city to dim what they call light pollution. Many of the signatures belong to residents of Detroit, saying the lights are disrupting their sleep, one person claims the lights are intrusive all the way in Hamtramck.

Don't count Samantha Weisman as one of those signatures. She lives across the street from Ford Field and has no problems.

"I live across the street. It doesn't bother me at all," Weisman said. "I think they look nice."

She's not alone. FOX 2 spent several hours with Ford Field's neighbors who say there's no issue.

"The lights are perfect, it actually makes the downtown look a lot better," Dave Lewis said. His bedroom window faces the dome and has no problems.

Paul Matouk lives next to Ford Field in a high rise loft. Surely he's had some light has kept him up at night?

"Not at all. We have blinds, and they're not that bright, but they're pretty to look at and attractive," Matouk said.

City officials say they since the lights were installed in August, they had not received any complaints from residents until the petition was posted Tuesday. We also heard from Officials at Ford Field who say they acquired all protocol while acquiring needed permits, sharing in a statement:

"Ford Field followed municipal protocol when acquiring all necessary permits to install and operate new LED lighting on the exterior of the stadium in 2016 and are in compliance with City of Detroit lighting ordinances. Additionally, we have received positive feedback from law enforcement personnel, nearby businesses and city residents about improved safety. Our belief is that light emanating from Ford Field, along with other nearby sports and entertainment venues, contributes to a more vibrant atmosphere in downtown Detroit."

They also say have received positive feedback from law enforcement personnel, nearby businesses and city residents about improved safety since the lights were installed.

City officials say they have their law and permit offices looking further into the issue, the petition's creator could not be reached for comment.