Ford invests in Mexico; transgender students at school

Part 1: Ford invests in Mexico

Ford is making a big investment in Mexico and the United Auto Workers say they're disappointed.

But should they be? We discuss why some are saying the union is partly to blame for the automaker's move.

On the panel

Dale Buss, Forbes magazine writer

Paul Eisenstein, publisher

Prof. Mike Bernacchi, University of Detroit Mercy

Part 2: Transgender students at school

The state board of education believes it should be up to the kids what bathrooms transgender students use.

The board also says schools need to make transgender boys and girls feel comfortable in the classroom, adding it is something it is considering.

On the panel:

Ingrid Jacques, Detroit News columnist, deputy page editor

Julisa Abad, transgender activist.

Part 3: On the road

Find out what metro Detroiters have to say about the bathroom controversy.