Ford makes a splash at North American International Auto Show

Ford Motor Co. made a splash on the first day of the press preview for the 2015 North American International Auto Show.

Ford CEO Mark Fields spoke FOX 2 a little about it.

"We are having a great day today," he said. "We showed all our performance products including our GT. These are the kind o days you live for."'

Fields hinted to stay tuned for some major news in the coming days.

Ford has promised seven new vehicles for 2015 - of which three performance vehicles were unveiled Monday.

"The winners are the innovators, the disrupters," Fields said. "And those willing to break the tradition and find new answers."

The most exciting is the brand new GT which Fields says will be built next year. 

Built to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini, there were few other details offered.

Race car fans were treated to an update of the GT 350 R which will be the most track capable, street legal Mustang ever. 

It is being made with lightweight material, improving it's performance capabilities.

A pilot project with the US Department of Energy and Dow Chemical to develop low-cost  automotive grade carbon fiber in high volume was also announced.

Keeping with the performance theme, was a F-150 Raptor, an off-road pickup with a 10-speed transmission and increased horsepower that will get better fuel efficiency.

Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. has his vision set for a time when vehicles can drive on their own.

"The hardware can be ready relatively soon, whether society is ready for all the implications of full autonomy is hard to put a date on," he said.