Ford Motor Company discontinuing four well known vehicles

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Ford Motor Company, will soon say goodbye to four vehicles and focus less on car production. 

Roop Raj: Most people who come in here.  Are they looking for cars trucks or SUVs?

“Usually trucks, SUVs and crossovers,” Rob Robertson said. 

That’s the word at Blackwell Ford, and It's also the key that drove ford's decision to scale back drastically on car production.  

Say good bye to the Fusion, Fiesta, Focus, and Taurus. The only Car that will remain, the iconic Mustang.  

“When the automaker says we aren't going to make cars anymore; there's a portion of the audience say ‘how can a car company not make cars?’”

Matt Friedman of Tanner Friedman strategic communications makes a living helping others get their messaging right.  

Ford essentially announced they're going to stop making cars-but Friedman says it comes down to semantics.

“What I call my car the automakers call a crossover. That's not a word if ever use in conversation. I wouldn't ever say "hey Roop I'll be right over I just have to get into my crossover, I'll be there in about 10 minutes,” he said. 

Restructuring after bankruptcy GM CEO Mary Barra made a decision to cut car production, scaling back on brands.  

“2009, 2010 GM found themselves in a similar situation of streamlining. Gm made a lot of changes but they did it in crisis.  And the audience knew there was a crisis. What ford is trying to do is prevent a crisis and they don't like to talk about that and not would any company. But they're trying to do that to secure their future,” Friedman said. 

And with their efforts in the SUV, Crossover and truck market-dealers know the future is still bright especially because of what they offer.  

Roop Raj: Give me two big reasons people are saying I don’t’ need the car I’m going with something else.

“Those are the two big reasons the mileage is there with the escape and they have the room. That's the main reason we're selling them,” Robertson said.