Ford shows off Escape Hybrid taxi which logged more than 400,000 miles

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It's a taxi that got to Detroit in a New York Minute.  
The Big Apple has thousands of taxis, some of them Fords-but this one is special.   This 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid Taxi was born in Detroit and lived its life in New York where it clocked 400,215 miles.  Now, keep in mind, it's a hybrid. Being run on electric and gas. 

"You can see the 400,000 miles were hard miles, taxi miles," said Gitanjil McRoy, Ford Motor Co.  "(Those are) very different than driving a mile here in southeast Michigan and so it's evident by the seat that I'm sitting on has a split in the middle of it, the knobs and buttons on the console are all worn out, there's duct tape in the backseat."

The reason Ford executive Gitanjil McRoy, is so proud and the reason this yellow taxi is back at its birthplace is because of the fact that despite the heavy damage to the vehicle the Powertrain which is-

"Our engine, our transmission, our driveline and for an electrified powertrain that's the electric machine as well as the battery that supports it as an energy storage device," she said.

All of it is in tip top shape.  The car seats took a beating, boy did they - but the brain and heart of the car are running beautifully despite the hundreds of thousands of miles in it.  
"For skeptics who think that the hybrid technology is something that is new and are cautious of it, it is the fact that we have this vehicle here that shows we have been doing this for a long time," she said. "So while this is a 2012 vehicle, it started in 2005, this same model we launched into thousand five. So we have been at this for a very long time."

Ford is Proud to say that the first hybrid taxi ever on the streets of New York came from Dearborn. 

Even on its last leg, retirement at the big blue oval for this bad boy is a homecoming they're proud of.