Ford steps up to provide rides for Gleaners Food Bank shoppers

Ford has stepped in to help Gleaners Food Bank get food into the homes of people that need it most.

Hundreds of people depend on the Gleaners Food Bank's satellite location at the Ford Resource & Engagement Center in southwest Detroit that stocks its shelves with the stuff that makes a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the folks working there started noticing something.  

"People were taking half the food and we wondered what's going on," said Carmen Mattia with Gleaners,

They discovered the biggest reason was because it was hard for people to get everything they need in one trip.

"Cars break down, some people are on the bus and not to mention when the harsh weather comes in, it makes it even that much more difficult for them to get here," Mattia said.

So Ford jumped in, revving up an already existing program to help. The GoRide program works with people who can't get around to make sure they don't miss doctors appointments. Ford is now working to make sure GoRide can pick up people from their homes, bring them to the food and get them back home. It's a pilot program available in select areas. 

"By providing transportation for them, we've one, made sure that they're not missing their appointments anymore and they have a way to get here, and then they're also able to take as much food as they want or as they're allocated because they have a way to get it home," said Roshni Shokar with Ford Motor Company,

The food for thought turned into problem solving, connecting people to mobility, making sure people have the food they need. And lo and behold, they're seeing results, as people go from taking a half-cart to a full cart of food to stay full.

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