Former employee of suddenly closed senior home 'not surprised'

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FOX 2 viewers saw it live Wednesday night - a heartbreaking scene as residents at a Livonia senior home were forced out with very little notice.

The scene was quiet Thursday at the Ashley Court of Livonia senior living center as patients are brought outside in building one. Others seen still loading up belongings.

This after a chaotic scene a day earlier when Adult Protective Services and the Michigan Department of Licensing shut down the facility with only hours notice.

"I believe they shut it down this time because it was the same as it has been when I was working there back in 2012," said Melissa Bianchi.

The state ruled the owner Surinder Chandok, who employees know as Rubin, failed to protect the patients and maintain the buildings Wednesday. The state suspended his license indefinitely.

"It doesn't surprise me at all," Bianchi said. "I don't think he should ever get the chance to open a residency place ever again."

The state order says a patient was dropped, hitting her head on a table, another had fallen and wasn't checked on for six hours. It also states surveillance shows employees falsifying documents and failing to monitor patients.

"They were sitting in their soiled briefs, they weren't getting changed, showered," Bianchi said. "They were keeping them in their rooms."

Other employees say patients were discovered with broken bones and patients' families reported the company.

"This has happened multiple times at the same place," Bianchi said. "just different names."

Ashley Court used to be named Berkley court, after serious violations three years ago. Records show more than a dozen different companies come up under an Ann Arbor address under Chandok's name.

FOX 2 tried to contact him but there was no answer at his home or on his cell phone.

"To be mistreated and kicked out of a home that they've been staying at, is kind of sad," Bianchi said.

While the state says its assisting families in relocating their loved ones many families tell FOX 2 they are calling attorneys. As for the owner, many believe he should be charged.

"He should definitely be charged with some kind of neglect for all the patients," Bianchi said. "He should be convicted and he should be sent to prison."