Former rivals Carson, Cruz & Rubio support Trump in Cleveland

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Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is back in Cleveland just one day after officially getting the nod from his party. He'll speak on Thursday but the headliner Wednesday is his running mate: Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Pence will get most of the attention on Wednesday night but also on tap are more of the original 16 candidates for GOP including Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. His enthusiasm will be heard all night and is digging deep into history to spell out how significant Trump's nomination is.

"The only two things comparable are Andrew Jackson in 1828 and William Jennings Bryan in 1897. This is unbelievable," Gingrich said.

Detroit native and former presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke with FOX about his relationship with Trump.

Trump's right-hand man Paul Manafort said there's nothing to be worried about.

"Senator Cruz appreciated it, he's coming in to speak. he's got a message that resonatted with Donald Trump message. It's a message that government is broken, that bureaucrats care only about themselves and the American people are on a downward slide. We're talking about those things," Manafort said.

Tuesday night, Donald Trump Jr. stole the show when he wowed the crowd with his very personal endorsement of his father. Wednesday is his brother's turn: Eric Trump takes the stage.

"He's fighting for something he cares so much about and that's making America great. He's dropped his whole life to do this and we're really honored," Eric Trump said.

The Trump family hopes the honor and momentum builds to victory against Hillary Clinton in November.

The theme of Wednesday? Make America First Again.