Former Ypsilanti fundraiser house padlocked for meth lab investigation

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Last year FOX 2 brought you a heartbreaking story about a dying mother whose children ran a lemonade stand to raise money for the family.

She later died and now the family is being kicked out of their home. If things couldn't get worse for the kids - first they lose their mother.

Then they lose their house after their dad is accused of running a meth lab and selling heroin.

"I'm utterly shocked when we found out," said a neighbor. "Because of the passing of his wife and etc., we felt for him and the kids."

All anyone can do right now is think about the kids. They touched the hearts of thousands last summer when they put up a lemonade stand hoping to raise enough money to help pay bills and save their Ypsilanti Township house that had gone into foreclosure.

Their mother, Amy Proffitt, was dying of cancer and her husband Archie quit his job to care for her.

"It's hard, there are no words," Amy said at the time.

The community heard about their lemonade stand and the GoFundMe page and donated thousands of dollars to the family.

One week later Amy lost her battle with cancer, but before she died she had the comfort of knowing the generous donations were going to save their house.

But it turns out her husband never did.

"It's sad they had to go through losing their mother and now losing their father too," said a neighbor. "And being ripped out of their home."

The house on Woodland Court is now padlocked after the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office and LAWNET raided the place. Investigators discovered evidence of a meth lab and heroin sales.

A child was in the house at the time and was taken to the hospital because of possible exposure to the drug making chemicals.

"He's mad, upset," said neighbor Rodney Hall. "He has a lawyer trying to fix it but I don't think it's going to work."

Rodney Hall, who lives next door, was concerned about the traffic coming and going from the house. Especially after Amy Proffitt passed away.

FOX 2: "Making meth, selling drugs?"

"That's what it says on the sign," Hall said. "Personally I don't know. I did see traffic but I have no clue."

The county is going after Archie Proffitt civilly under the state nuisance act. A criminal investigation for drug crimes and child neglect is still underway.

In the meantime, neighbors, friends and family can't help but wonder what happened to all of the money that was supposed to help the family - not tear it a apart.

"I have mixed emotions," said another neighbor. "I am glad that I donated that day, (but) I regret I donated that day."