FOUND: Detroit teen Malik Wright back home safe

UPDATE (7-2): Late Wednesday, Malik Wright returned home. He is safe and sound, according to police. 

A Detroit mom is desperate to find her teenage son who has been missing for two days. 

Police and family members have been looking for 14-year-old Malik Wright, 14.

His mother was getting ready to take him to Martin Luther King, Jr. High School at 7 a.m. Monday morning.

"When I came down the stairs, I realized he already left," said Ngina Wright, his mother. "I figured he was on his way to school."

The school is a little less than two miles from home.  When he left, Malik was wearing his uniform and little else. Mom thought he was heading there but he never showed up.

"I contacted the school, and they let me know that he wasn't there," Wright said. "Then I let them know that he hasn't been home."

Mom says this is completely out of character for a boy with a passion for art and drawing who normally never strays too far from home.

"He's never done anything like this," Wright said. "He just goes to school and comes back home."

Which is why she is so confused as to what happened and concerned for where he is now.

"This is a shock to everyone in the family," she said. "I just really want him to come back home."

Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit police at 313-596-5300.