Four arrested for filming rap video with guns

Detroit police called "cut" early on a rap video filming and four young men were arrested Saturday night.              
 Neighbors living near the intersection of Hickory and Collingham on the east side were scared when they saw a group on men carrying guns and a video camera.

"They were just shooting the rap video and the police came and interrupted the rap video," said resident Wayne Carter.

Carter says he was standing nearby the four men, all between the ages of 16 and 19. They were filming a rap video with an assault rifle and three handguns which were fully loaded. The handguns had extended magazines.

"They were shooting a video, enjoying themselves, and then the police came," Carter said.

FOX 2: "Did they have guns?"

"Everybody has guns," Carter said. "I have guns. Who doesn't have guns."

Neighbors called 911 and when police arrived, the group fled and one fired a hand gun at an officer while running away.

The officer was not injured and did not return fire. But the suspect and the three others were taken into custody uninjured.

"They were shooting the video, putting in on YouTube," said Carter. "And that was that. Glad nobody got killed by the police this time."

Three of the men are over 18, one is still a minor. They are all still in custody and expected to be arraigned soon.