Four injured after crash, witnesses say drivers were drag racing 

"It was like four cars bam, bam, bam, all simultaneously," said witness Mosses Smalley. 

It all started when two cars were ripping down Joy Road Sunday afternoon. From there, the Charger crashed in front of a busy grocery store on Evergreen, witnesses say. 

"We have to stop the drag racing that's going on in our community," Smalley said. 

Witnesses tell FOX 2 it was a BMW versus Charger. The Charger eventually rear ended a driver on Joy Road, and hit a parked car, causing it to be pushed over parking blocks. 

"For it to do that, it was probably gong about 80," said a victim of the crash, Treyvon. 

Treyvon made a last minute decision to go into the store, one that likely spared him injuries. 

"I almost stayed in the car and waited for my auntie to come out the store, I could have been hit," he said. 

The driver and passenger in the Charger was taken to the hospital. Both occupants in the SUV they rear ended were taken by ambulance too.

Witnesses say the BMW took off. 

"It's ridiculous," Treyvon said. "For one, don't be doing stuff like this. You go kids out here, at least be mindful, be considerate. If you want to race, there are plenty of spots to race. You don't have to worry about hitting nobody." 

Drag racing especially on Sundays, dubbed "Sunday Fun Day", causing all kind of problems for months in Detroit. It's unclear if these racers were affiliated with any organized groups. 

Witnesses who saw the crash say people have enough to worry about right now, add getting hit at the grocery store to the list. 

"This is stress on top of stress that people have to deal with," Smalley said. 

Detroit Police did confirm that four people were injured during the crash.