FOX 2 reporter okay after accident during snowy commute

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Road crews are trying to keep up but the steady snowfall just keeps coming.

FOX 2's Camille Amiri learned first-hand how quickly you can lose control of your car on the roads. 

As a reporter I stand out here and advise people to be careful on the roads and take it slow during winter weather.

I was doing all the right things this morning on my way to work but I lost control of my car and was in an accident on the way to work.

Driving very slowly and cautiously on I-696 west bound I suddenly lost control of my car, I started fishtailing and ended up here. The front end of my car against the wall and the back end sticking out in traffic.

"I know you said you were going slow, which is great but obviously you still got hit with the sliding in the snow," said Lt. Joseph Brodeur, Michigan State Police.

I called 911 and stayed inside my car with my seatbelt on, as I was instructed to do by the dispatcher.

A few minutes later a woman stopped her car on the shoulder, came up to my car and told me it wasn't safe and that I needed to get in her car and leave the scene.

I immediately told her "no."

"That's kind of unusual," Brodeur said. "It's not strange for someone to stop and help which is great if they are able. Obviously you used common sense. I would be very hesitant to get into somebody's car. You should not leave your car, especially if it's blocking traffic like that."

The good news is that I wasn't hurt, my car was barely damaged and there were no other cars involved in the accident.

"Things are going to happen," said driver Ezra Brown. "Keep it moving. We're glad you're okay they are only cars. You have insurance, you're alright."

Michigan State Police say they've had their hands full with accidents during this snowstorm.

"It's busy, this was well forecast ahead of time so we were able to prepare for it and got a lot of cars on," Brodeur said. "They've been busy."

And many metro Detroiters have had no choice but to be out on the roads today.

"Let's see started out in Auburn Hills, made my way into Detroit," said David Kimbrough, driver. "It is snow-covered, just really taking it slow and easy on the roads. If you don't have to be out don't be out."