Fresh and tasty frozen yogurt at Yogurtown in Allen Park

When it's hot outside, we all need a cool off. Yogurtown in metro Detroit might be a good spot for some healthy ice cream options.

Josh Landon loves ice cream and frozen yogurt any time of the year, so he's not easily impressed when it comes to his favorite treat. But he says Yogurtown got him hooked. 

At Yogurtown, you get to choose from 14 flavors of frozen yogurt and 50 toppings. And it seems like they provide everything including fruit, candy, and even cereal.

It's all self served. Mix and match your own, and then you pay by weight.

"Some people come in with a little bit, and some people want a lot," says owner Celia Nasser. "And then we have 10 flavors of gelato. We do crepes, we do smoothies, we do acai bowls, so we have a variety of dessert options."

Josh took a stroll down the flavors of frozen yogurt, and says you can really taste the fruit. Celia says that's because all of the ingredients are real.

"When we get it, it had just been made in the past few days, and it's frozen and sent to our store. It's made on a Michigan farm."

They also have vegan options of mango and mixed berry.

Yogurtown is taste and sort-of healthy, depending how you mix and match of course. 

Yogurtown is located at 3424 Fairlane Drive in Allen Park.