Friends rally for kids sent to detention center for refusing have lunch with dad

The story of the Tsimhoni family has many in Detroit scratching their heads. The three kids, all under the age of 18, were ordered to have a relationship with their father. But when they refused to attend a court-ordered lunch, they were thrown in a detention center.

Now, the kids not only are not seeing their father, they're not seeing mom, either. That's not sitting well with a group of Metro Detroit moms who rallied at the Oakland County Courthouse on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, FOX 2 broke the story of the Tsimhoni family. Wednesday, dozens of people showed up to protest the Judge Lisa Gorcyca's decision. 

The Tsimhoni family from Bloomfield Hills have had their issues; Maya Eibschitz-Tsimhoni and Omer Tsimhoni have gone through a messy divorce and have been in and out of court. That all came to a head two weeks ago.

On June 24, the family was in court for a hearing on supervised parenting time. According to transcripts obtained by FOX 2, the judge was upset the kids refused to spend time with their father and go to a court-ordered lunch. At that point, she ordered the 15, 10, and 9 year old kids to Children's Village and then said they may all be staying their until the age of 18 unless they change their minds.

Her son at one point even tried to explain to the judge why he didn't want to spend time with his dad.

"Because he is violent and I saw him hit my mom," he said in court documents.

But Judge Gorcyca claimed he had been brainwashed.

Read the court transcript as the judge as she sent the three kids to Children's Village

For people like Mark Honeyman and Karen Gilch, they want the kids to know they have their support and don't understand why what is going on between the parents is costing the children so much.

"My concern is I love these kids," Honeyman, the former teacher, said. "I think they're incredible kids. If the ultimate goal is to reconcile with their father, there has to be a better way than this."

Gilch's kids go to school with the Tsimhoni kids and they've all spent time together.

"She's a good mom. We've gone on field trips together, babysat for each others kids. the kids are happy and smart," Gilch said.

Maya's attorney asked the Chief Judge of Oakland County Court to review the case but she denied to do so because she "doesn't have the authority". May's attorney must go to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

For now, the three kids remain at Children's Village and there's no word on when they'll be released. Protesters hope Judge Gorcyca reconsiders.