Frmr Detroit Police Chief James Craig praised by Detroit Democrat

When Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced his retirement in May, it was believed it would be so he could seek political office - namely the governor of Michigan. He quickly received support from many Republican leaders and is now garnering praise from a Detroit Democrat.

While it may not be unusual to get accolades from Michigan Republicans, Craig is now getting it from the Democratic chair of the Detroit caucus.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has not yet formally announced her intentions to run for governor but is widely expected to do so. She could be going up against Craig and the Republican party in Michigan is lobbing negative charges at her already.

Many in the GOP believe the retired police chief can beat Whitmer, mostly by cutting into her Detroit vote. Now, State Rep. Tenisha Yancy (D-Detroit) said she has a 'great relationship' with Craig but can't say the same about Whitmer.

"There is nothing that I can say negative about him or his run for governor. This is a democracy and he has a right to run," Yancy said. "Actually I don't (have as good of a relationship with Whitmer). I know that I can pick up the phone right now and call the chief and he is going to answer."

She then tried to take the edge off that by saying she does agree with Whitmer in many regards.

"We have a great working relationship, I would say. When there are things that I can agree with the governor on, I absolutely do," she said.

So how does Yancy feel about Craig's possible campaign and how he would serve as a governor?

"If he were to become governor, if he does as good of a job as governor as he is doing as chief of police, I don't have anything negative to say," she said.

One could argue this is only one Democrat and the governor has a strong base in Detroit so no big deal.

But what if the Republicans use those juicy pro-Craig and anti-Whitmer quotes in some attack ads?

That could be a big deal and a bad deal for the incumbent governor.