Front line workers in Detroit share anxieties with Duggan, city leaders

Front line workers in metro Detroit shared their fears and anxieties with leaders as the economy in Michigan continues to open back up.

Several Detroit leaders listened and responded, including Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. 

"If you have someone in the city of Detroit whose taking an action that is jeopardizing the health of your members or people you are interacting with, we need to know that because if we have that kind of an instance we can have the health department can go in under the guise or under the basis of an imminent threat to public health," Mayor Duggan told them.

"I stand in support with you. I will continue to support you and I will continue to work with you and talk to you about things I can be able to do to assist you," Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones also said. 

A topic that featured prominently was nursing homes and nursing home testing. Mayor Mike Duggan says all residents in Detroit nursing homes have been tested, which is more than 2,000 people.

Duggan says several hundred Detroit nursing home employees have been tested at the fairgrounds or through other testing sites.

Others shared concerns about getting infected from negligent coworkers. Some are worried about getting their family members sick at home. 

You can hear more from frontline workers in the video player above.