Tanker truck catches fire on I-75 in Troy at Big Beaver, both directions closed

I-75 in both directions will likely be closed for several days after a massive tanker truck fire in Troy on Monday.

The cloud of black smoke could be visible for miles around I-75 after the tanker truck caught fire in the northbound lanes as the freeway turns after crossing over Big Beaver in Troy

Troy Fire Department Lt. Dan Mahrle said they're not sure what started the fire but said the driver was able to get into an ambulance and was alert. His current condition is not known.

The fire happened in a part of I-75 that has been under construction for the past few years. After the fire was put out, there were black marks on the cement barricade. Lt. Mahrle said it wasn't known if the tanker hit the barricade or not.

MDOT spokesperson Rob Morosi said it's going to take some time to get the truck completely cooled off before it can be towed away and the thousands of gallons of fuel can be cleaned up.

Morosi said that it's unknown when the road inspection will happen but it all depends on when the cleanup is done.

He said that section of the new freeway may have be torn out and rebuilt because of the fire.

What remained of the tanker by the time the fire was put was the bottom half of the tanker and its wheels. 

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A fuel tanker caught fire on I-75 at Big Beaver in Troy, Michigan, on Monday, July 12, 2021. Photo credit: Nick Bianchi