Fugitive Marine suspected to be en route to Pontiac to kill wife

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Clenard Gee Simmons

A manhunt is underway for a fugitive Marine considered armed and dangerous.

Police are monitoring the home of his ex-wife in Pontiac after he reportedly threatened her.

Tuesday night, the families of both the marine, Clenard Alex Gee-Simmons and his wife are on edge. Neither has heard from him yet but they do have a message - turn yourself in before it's too late.

"I have not  talked to my nephew," said Grendel Jacobs, Simmons' aunt. "I don't feel like he would kill her."

Jacobs, who has been like a second mother to Clenard Alex Gee-Simmons, has been worried sick since she heard her nephew went AWOL from the U.S. Marine Corps in North Carolina.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office put out an alert after the 21-year-old escaped lock down. Because of threats that he made, they believe Gee Simmons is armed with an AK-47 and heading to Pontiac to kill his estranged wife.

"I don't feel like that would happen," Grendel said. "They are husband and wife. And they need to settle it. Whatever is going on between them, they need to settle it."

Simmons grew up in Pontiac. according to his family, he joined the Marines three years ago and has served in the Middle East.

He came home on leave last year to marry his high school sweetheart.

The US Marine Corps says Gee-Simmons fled the base Monday morning in a 2011 Toyota Camry when he learned she had filed for divorce.

The sheriff's office is asking people to be on the lookout for the car and Gee-Simmons who is described as 5 feet, 7 inches, heavy set -and is considered armed and dangerous.

He's believed to be in the area, if you see him or have any information  dial 911.
FOX 2 spoke to Simmons' wife's father who said she is okay and in hiding right now.

If you see Clenard Gee-Simmons, call 911 or Oakland County Sheriff's Office at (248) 858-5000.