Fundraiser to be held for Taylor man shot in the head by burglar

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John Henry's life forever changed in February of 2014 when he and his girlfriend came back to their Taylor home and caught a burglar in the act.

"Everything I was, is no more," he said. "I am not living now; I am merely existing. There shouldn't be a day that goes by for anybody where things are this hard."

That night Henry noticed some of his things were missing including $7,000 he was saving to get married and a pistol he hid in his nightstand.

"I turned back around and the guys at the top of the stairs in my room," Henry said. "I recognized him, he was my neighbor from across the street. I told him just take what you got, get out of here."

But Jeremy Jones, who was his neighbor who lived across the street, didn't listen.

"I stepped in-between my fiancé and him and that's when he shot when I made a forward motion to him," Henry said. "He shot from the hip and hit me in the right eye and blew my brains out."

He said he was in a coma for three months. But when he woke up, reality would soon set in. 

He lost an eye, function on his left side and he would never walk again, which also means he can't do anything he loves, working as a repo man, playing guitar, riding his motorcycle and basically do anything to care for himself.

"It's not fair it was not his fault," said Lenora Hicks. "He didn't ask for this to happen to him. hurts my heart he is stuck in the house and can't get out and live like the rest of us."

That's why his dear friend Hicks has organized a fundraiser "Wheels for John Boy" as he is affectionately known. It's on Aug. 25 at the Road Rangers Club in Taylor.

Someone just donated a handicap accessible van to Henry, but he is still in desperate need of wheelchairs that insurance won't pay for, and money to help make ends meet.

"I am hoping I can get him a wheelchair where it lifts up and down so he can go up and down and reach in the refrigerator or the cabinets and even wash his hands at the kitchen sink," said Hicks.
"I greatly appreciate my friends who have gone out of their way and they still care," Henry said.

The men responsible, Jeremy Jones and his partner in crime William Chaffin, were caught and convicted - shortly after and eventually sentenced to decades behind bars, but for John Henry.

"I don't care if they got a million years in jail it will never be enough," said Henry.

To donate to "Wheels For John Boy" CLICK HERE.  

The event "Wheels for John Boy" it will be held at "Road Rangers Club" 23925 Goddard Rd. Taylor 48180 on Aug. 25 from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.  (734-225-6482).