Funeral home lays to rest remains found at Cantrell

Those whose cremated remains were found at Cantrell Funeral Home were honored Friday during an All Souls' Day service in Detroit.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery and Verheyden Funeral Homes hosted the event for fiends and family of those who have died with a special emphasis on memorializing those found at the funeral home over the last few weeks.

Verheyden Funeral Home made it a mission to connect families with the remains of their loved ones, releasing a list of at least 200 names of people cremated previously found at Cantrell.

"I thank the Lord for what he did for us, for everyone," said Darlene Hardison.

Darlene's father and uncle were laid to rest alongside many others at the ceremony. 


"I prayed about it, and I said, God works. He's real. He works. And he made this happen. It may not have been the way we thought it was going to happen but he gave us closure," she said.

The names of both named and unidentified soldiers, Marines, airmen and more were read aloud, restoring dignity after hundreds of cremated remains were discovered in the now-shuttered Cantrell Funeral Home when it was shut down in April. There were also prayers for people who may never know their loved ones' remains were found.

"My heart breaks for all these families that had to go through all this," said Rita Rossi, who came to pay her respects.

The Detroit Police Department has spearheaded a multi-jurisdictional task force to investigate Perry Funeral Home. Gov. Rick Snyder has formed a new team of multiple state departments to address concerns regarding funeral homes across the state.