Furniture Bank of SE Michigan desperate for donations to help families in need

The need is skyrocketing but the donations are stagnant. We're talking about furniture - from beds to sofas to dining room tables.

Every day is moving day at the Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan, so many families in need of furniture - so many children in need of beds.

"Eighty percent of the families we're serving have household incomes of $20,000 or less, and on average, there's three people in a home - so you do the math," said  Robert Boyle.

Boyle is the executive director and says between rent, utilities, groceries, transportation - for too many families - there's not much left for furniture.

"That means that single moms can't afford beds for their kids," he said. "That means they can't afford a dining table to share a meal on, and a lot of folks are living on a floor - which is no way to live."

Boyle says every child deserves a bed - every family deserves dignity.

"We're providing essentials to families in poverty," he said. "Transitioning from homelessness, working with Child Protective Services or fleeing crisis and abuse. Last year we helped more than 2,000 families providing 18,000 items valued at over a million dollars."

The families are referred to them from social service organizations and the need is growing every day - faster than the donations are coming in.

Little tags placed on the furniture mean a family has already claimed it, but there are so many more families who need all of the things that help make a house a home.

"Right now we have 180 families waiting for more than 2,000 items," Boyle said. "There's just a huge need for furniture and right now that need is increasing with inflation - so we absolutely need donations."

They are looking for donations that are in good condition - like mattresses and box springs, sofas, dressers - the Furniture Bank will even pick them up from your home.

"If you have furniture in good condition and you no longer need it - there are families here in Metro Detroit who absolutely do," he said.

Families like that of James Bourgeois - who just moved into a new home. Now they have the furniture to fill it.

FOX 2: "How are the kids going to like it?"

"They were just excited - they (saw) their beds and stuff and they were like - yay," he said laughing.

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