Gas prices tick up 9 cents in Michigan

Gas prices in Michigan are up 9 cents from last week, raising the average cost of a 15-gallon tank of gas to about $55.

It's less than the cost of gas last month, but a sign that prices are still high for drivers. The increase comes despite a drop in demand for gas across the country. 

The increase curbs what was a steady decline for motorists in Michigan, says AAA. "Although gas demand has dropped amid increasing stocks, elevated oil prices have pushed pump prices higher," said Spokesperson Adrienne Woodland.

The cheapest gas in Michigan can be found in Saginaw, while the most expensive is in Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit.

One of the forces pushing prices up is concern about the global supply of oil that it will remain tight through the rest of the year. Production cuts from the Middle East and OPEC are leading that concern.

According to GasBuddy, the national average on fuel costs also rose, partly due to issues with refineries on the west side of the U.S. 

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The website, which tracks fuel costs and other gas trends, said drivers can anticipate a transition to cheaper oil in the winter which will send the cost down in every state.

"With the transition back to cheaper winter gasoline now upon us in nearly every state, we should see prices eventually cooling back off," said Patrick De Haan. "But if refinery issues continue to develop or linger, especially now that we’re entering maintenance season with less available capacity online, the expected decline could certainly be offset. 

"In addition, with oil prices now above $91 for the first time in nearly a year, there remains some offset from the rising price of oil thanks to Saudi Arabia and Russia’s war on low oil prices, now in its third month."