Gas station that allegedly sold vape products to kids closed by city, thanks to community leaders

The Sunoco gas station on Schoolcraft near Southfield Road - shut down for allegedly selling vape products to minors.

The crackdown comes as a group of concerned citizens push to get other businesses like this one busted by DPD.

"We need to thank the city of Detroit and the police department," said Darryl Woods, Coalition of Community Leaders, standing in front of the sealed off front door with a closure notice. "It’s very addictive, it’s highly addictive, and they're disguising these things with flavors that are enticing to children."

"You know what that can be like a gateway drug believe that, a gateway," said Minister Fuqua Bey, Coalition of Community Leaders.

"For those who dare to sell poison to children it’s unacceptable in the city and every city," Woods said.

A group of community leaders are working to get those businesses shut down and they’re succeeding. Recently three different tobacco shops and now this gas station have been closed by the City.

"It has been a resounding response," Woods said.

In February — a Detroit hookah location was busted for selling marijuana to a minor.

"This is really about us as a community of concerned citizens standing up and saying no more," said Teferi Brent. "We’re just not going to allow you to intentionally and knowingly sell poison to our children through your business without consequences and repercussions."

"We have to look out for them when they are in our presence especially when they’re not in our presence," said Marvin Cotton, Jr. Coalition of Community Leaders. "We expected the very best from our businesses that our children walk freely in and out of without supervision from a parent."

The group is determined getting results and sending a message.

"We want other businesses to be put on notice that we may be coming to get you next," Woods said.