General apologizes for shortfall in vaccine shipment, 'I failed and I am adjusting'

"Where are our doses?" Governor Whitmer said. "What is holding them up? When can we expect them?"

Whimer criticized the Federal Government on Friday, accusing top officials of slow walking the process of getting the new COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine distributed to hospitals. 

"I still cannot get a straight answer out of the Trump Administration about why Michigan and other states aren't getting the fraction of the doses of vaccine they were slated to receive Whitmer said.

On Saturday, the man who in charge of the vaccine distribution, Army General Gustave Perna, apologized for miscommunication with state governments over the number of doses to be delivered. 

He said the following:

"I failed. I'm adjusting. I am fixing and we will move forward from here. I want to take person responsibility for the miscommunication. I know that's not done much these days, but I am responsible. This is herculean effort; we are not perfect."

General Person said there are no problems with the vaccine on the distribution process, but he said there is a distinction between manufactured doses that are ready to be released. 

The vaccine does have to undergo a rigorous quality control and testing before being sent out. That process can take up to a month, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. 

So far, 2.9 million doses have been delivered to hospitals across the country. 

The Federal Government said it's on track to get approximately 20 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines distributed by the first week of Jan.