General Motors asking hackers to find cyber security issue in its cars

You may remember some months ago when resaerchers were able to hack into a Jeep and actually take the steering and braking abilities away from the driver. The hacker had full control of the car.

Now, General Motors put out the call to hackers asking them for help. They want anyone who can find a cyber security issue in a GM car to please share it with the automaker.

The Wall Street Journal says they've had at least 3 dozen reports submitted.

Last week, FOX 2's Murray Feldman talked on this subject with cyber security expert David Derigiotis, who is the vice president at Burns and Wilcox in Farmington Hills.

He offered these four tips for keeping your car safe from hackers:

- Make sure software is up to date.
- Be careful with modifications.
- Be careful connecting third-party devices to your vehicle.
- Be aware of who has physical access to your vehicle.

You can hear more from David Derigiotis by watching his interview in the video player above. To learn more about Burns and Wilcox, visit