Get your food fuel at High Octane in Bloomfield Hills

Two engineers decided to park their careers and start up a cool pit stop in Bloomfield Hills, High Octane.

You can enjoy that car garage feel while you eat your meal. 

"The center pieces are pistons from automotive engines, just random different engines we had kind of laying around. We wanted the feel to kind of look like an automotive garage, so the flooring in here is a garage flooring," owner Thomas llewellyn tells us. 

The license plate chandeliers are also a nice touch, but we also had to check out what's under the hood. The food. 

"The blueberry bagel is my go-to here with butter and cream cheese. They also have various donuts, cookies, stuffed cookies; it's not good for anyone's diet but it's good to feel good and I like stopping in," one customer Robert Balding said. 

The cafe is known for its stuffed bagels, or if you're in the mood for lunch the stuffed taco is also a good option.

You can watch in the video player above as Josh checks out the food.