Getting back on a sleep schedule helps student grades and health

As we try to get back on a sleep schedule, doctors will tell you it's important for learning.

It can be  tough for students at any age to get back on the sleep schedule at the end of summer as staying up all night and sleeping all day ends.

In fact, if you have to choose between studying all night or sleeping,  Dr. Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, a sleep exert at Cleveland Clinic, says protect your sleep.

"It turns out that sleep is not only important for health but it's very important for academic performance," she said. "It's important for memory and students who choose to sleep instead of even studying all night, they usually do better on tests."

So, yes the all nighter is a bad idea.

How do you get away from the summer night owl schedule and back on track?

Watch the  video to find out how.